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    Application of time delay relay

    2022-09-12 14:55:20News

    Application of time delay relay

    Flash control (timed on, timed off):

    Two time delay relays work together to provide constant frequency contact on/off pulses to send intermittent power to the lamp.

    Furnace Safety Purge Control:

    The blower must run for a specified period of time to "purge" any possible flammable or explosive vapors from the furnace before the combustion furnace can be safely ignited. The time delay relay provides the required timing components for the furnace control logic.

    Motor soft start delay control:

    Instead of starting a large electric motor by switching full power from a complete stop, a reduced voltage can be switched for a "softer" start and less inrush current.

    Conveyor sequence delay:

    When arranging multiple conveyor belts to transport material, the conveyor belts must be started in reverse order (last one first, first one behind) to prevent material from accumulating on stopped or slow-moving conveyors.

    How do timer relays work?

    The working principle of the timing relay is as follows:

    First, apply the supply voltage to the timer relay.

    Second, the microprocessor starts to boot.

    Next, the microprocessor reads the information from the interface. The interface consists of different adjustment possibilities on the front of the timer. The time function, time range and fine-tuning of the desired delay time must be set via rotary switches and potentiometers.

    In the fourth step, the microprocessor reads the information of the control input, such as the control input used to start the delay. This information from the timer is used to start the action and is called the "start pulse" or "trigger".

    Now the timer starts working.

    When the selected time delay is complete, the output relay energizes/de-energizes.

    When the output relay is energized, the load current acts like a contactor to power the connected equipment.

    select parameters

    When selecting a timer relay, the following parameters should be considered:


    timing function. (such as off delay, on delay, multifunction, etc.)

    Number of output contacts.

    time limit. (Example: 0.05 seconds - 100 hours, 05 seconds - 10 minutes)

    Indicates operating status. (LED indication)

    Special features such as voltage-dependent triggering, voltage-free triggering and remote potentiometer connections.

    The functions we list are generic. Features may vary by brand. Manufacturers catalogs and user manuals should be reviewed before making a selection.

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