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    Solid state relay Summary note

    2022-11-02 16:44:34News

    Solid state relay Summary note

    NEXSYS Solid State Relays (SSRs) include A-series (4-pin) and C-series (8-pin) assemblies that provide custom digital and analog signal control as well as audio and data switching. SSRs perform similar functions to stand-alone mechanical relays without the challenges of external packaging. The wide operating voltage range allows it to be used in many applications from simple polarity reversal to logic gate functions including AND, OR and BUFFER.

    Input characteristics

    The solid state relay is activated by applying a DC voltage to the input. The SSR control bridge is bidirectional, allowing DC voltage to be applied in either direction for polarity-insensitive design flexibility. A series (single SSR) devices have three nominal voltage input options and C series (combined SSR) devices have one input voltage as described below.

    Output characteristics

    NEXSYS solid state relay outputs refer to solid state switches that can be used as normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC). The output load capability is 0.75 A (resistive) for the NO option and 0.25 A (resistive) for the NC option.

    The number of outputs specified for each unit is described below.

    Single SSR (SSR1, SSR2)

    A-Series (4-pin) single SSRs are available in normally open (SSR1) and normally closed (SSR2) versions. Both SSR1 and SSR2 have three nominal input voltage options; low (+5 VDC), medium (+14 VDC) and high (+28 VDC). The current consumption for the three voltage options is 12.1 mA (+5 VDC), 6.2 mA (+14 VDC), and 6.3 mA (+28 VDC).

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