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    Juzlong Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech industry integrating research, development and sales. The main products include time relay, small intermediate relay, solid state relay, temperature control instrument, counter, microcomputer time control switch and other piezoelectric devices.

    The company has an orderly electrical assembly purification workshop, with a group of sophisticate electrical appliances and precision molds. Manufacturing equipment and testing equipment. Have a complete and scientific quality management system. Juzlong Electric Co., Ltd.  always adheres to the principle of honesty, strength first, quality win, strive to achieve a competitive level of productivity, and insist on providing quality products that meet the standards and specifications in a timely manner with dedicated service and reasonable price.

    Juzlong took the lead in implementing lean production in the industry and established a small-displacement, multi-batch pull production model with Junlong characteristics.  Based on the operating system of business value stream, the organization forms an information flow control triggering mode from manufacturing end to business order, and builds a stable production management system.

    No matter who you are, Junlong technology will provide you with the best quality products at very competitive prices.  You are welcome to contact us at any time to obtain the latest quotations for our professional piezoelectric devices.

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