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    The importance of delay timers

    2022-09-20 16:26:08News

    The importance of delay timers

    In this post, we discussed making simple delay timers using very common components like transistors, capacitors, and diodes. All of these circuits produce a delayed turn-on or delayed turn-off interval at the output for a predetermined period of time, from seconds to minutes. All designs are fully adjustable.


    The importance of delay timers

    Using a single transistor and button

     Using a triac:

     no button

    Two-step sequential timer

    Delay on timer circuit working details

    Parts List

    Analyze and Solve Circuits

    Simple 5 to 20 minute delay timer

    skills requirement

    circuit design

    circuit schematic

    The importance of delay timers

    In many electronic circuit applications, a delay of a few seconds or minutes becomes a critical requirement to ensure the correct operation of the circuit. Without the specified delay, the circuit may malfunction or even be damaged.

    Let's analyze the various configurations in detail.

    You might also want to learn about IC 555 based delay timers. recommended to you!

    Using a single transistor and button

    The first circuit diagram shows how to connect the transistors and some other passive components to get the expected delayed timing output.

    Transistors are equipped with common base resistors for current limiting functions.

    The LEDs used here are for indication purposes only and behave like a collector load for a circuit.

    The capacitor is a critical part of the circuit, getting a specific position in the circuit we can see that it is placed on the other side of the base resistor and not directly connected to the base of the transistor.

    The button is used to start the circuit.

    At the moment of pressing the button, the positive voltage from the power line goes into the base resistor and turns on the transistor, which in turn turns on the LED.

    However, during the above operation, the capacitor is also fully charged.

    After the button is released, although the power to the base is disconnected, the transistor continues to conduct with the help of the energy stored in the capacitor, which now begins to discharge its stored charge through the transistor.

    The LED also remains on until the capacitor is fully discharged.

    The Te value of the capacitor determines the time delay or how long the transistor remains in conduction mode.

    Along with the capacitor, the value of the base resistor also plays an important role in determining how long the transistor remains on after the button is released.

    However, a circuit using only one transistor will be able to produce a time delay that may only be a few seconds.

    By adding one transistor stage (below), the above time delay range can be significantly increased.

    Adding another transistor stage increases the sensitivity of the circuit, which enables the use of larger value timing resistors, thereby increasing the time delay range of the circuit.

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