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    Delay Relay Information

    2022-09-17 16:46:30News

    Delay Relay Information

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    Time Delay Relay Information Time delay relays and solid state timers use solid state electronics to provide time delays. They may have displays, tanks or other means of operating the interface. They may also have electromechanical or solid state outputs.

    The number of time ranges on relays and timers is single or multiple:

    Individual time ranges can be fixed or programmable.

    Multiple time ranges can be programmed for multiple ranges.

    Minimum and maximum time settings must also be specified. Some relays and timers have field selectable time ranges.

    Delay relays and solid state timers can have many timer functions or modes of operation, including:

    turn-on delay

    off delay

    Shooting and Spacing


    ON-delay timers and OFF-delay timers are two common types of delay relays and solid-state timers.

    Turn on delay timer

    This type of timer can also be called:

    delayed production

    Delay operation

    Operation delay

    Pre-Purge Delay

    Power up delay

    The time delay starts after power up. At the end of the time delay, the contacts open or close. If the contact is normally open (NO), the load is energized at the end of the delay. If the contacts are normally closed (NC), the load is de-energized after a delay. Power loss resets the time delay and output.

    Turn off delay timer

    This type of timer is sometimes called:

    delayed rest

    release delay

    delayed release

    Postpurge delay

    Power-off delay

    Delay Relay Information

    The timer contacts open or close immediately after a power failure. A preset time delay must elapse before the contacts return to their normal positions and the load is de-energized.

    Power must be applied before and during the timing. Reclosing the control switch during the timing resets the time delay. Most reset on power down.

    one-click timer

    One-shot timers are time delay relays and solid state timers, also known as:

    one-shot relay

    Single shot

    single shot interval

    single pulse

    Latching Relay

    lock delay

    Latch Delay on Power Down

    The contacts change position immediately upon power-up and remain in the changed position for a preset time delay. After the delay, the contacts return to their normal positions. Power must be applied before and during the timing. A reset occurs when the time delay is complete and the control switch is opened.

    interval timer

    Interval timers are time delay relays and solid state timers, also known as:

    in the interval

    pulse shaping

    Bypass timing

    interval delay

    Instantaneous Transmission Delay Power On

    The time delay starts from power up. The output is energized during the delay, de-energized at the end of the delay, and remains de-energized until de-energized.

    Recycle timer

    This type of relay is also known as:

    work cycle


    repeat cycle

    Delay operation and release

    On/Off double delay


    Dual Delay Power On

    The timing function begins when the control switch is closed. The load is periodically turned on and off alternately until power is removed. A power loss resets the time delay.

    The time indicator records and displays the elapsed time, but does not perform an output function. Some timers can be programmed to function as counters as well as timekeeping. Delay relays and solid-state timers are either single-function devices or multi-function devices.

    User Interface Specification

    Delay Relay Information

    Common user interface specifications for time delay relays and solid state timers include input controls and displays.

    input control

    not any



    display type

    not any

    analog meter

    Simple Visual Indicators

    digital digital display

    Output specifications to consider when selecting time delay relays and solid state timers include switch type, number of contacts, contact configuration, and pole and throw specifications.

    Mounting hardware and power supply also need to be specified. Operating temperature is an important environmental parameter to consider when selecting time delay relays and solid state timers.


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