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    How does a timing relay work?

    2022-09-08 15:37:59News

    The working principle of timer relay is introduced.

    How the timer relay works.

    Timing relays are divided into two categories: on-delay relays and off-delay relays. On-delay relays are sometimes referred to as DOE or "delay on power-on". Off-delay relays are sometimes referred to as DODE or "Delay On De-energy".

    Timing relays are similar to other relays in that they also use coils to control the operation of the contacts. The main difference between control relays and timing relays is that the contacts of timing relays change their position with a delay when the coil is energized or de-energized.

    Timer On Delay Relay Wiring Diagram Reference: Delay Relay Wiring Diagram shown above - When the start button is pressed, both the control relay and the timer relay coil are energized. The control relay contacts react immediately and are used to provide a seal for this circuit. Ten seconds after the TR coil is energized, the TR contact on rung 3 will close. The symbol for the TR contact in rung 3 indicates that the contact is NOTC, or normally open, timed closed.

    Power off delay relay circuit

    The operation of the off-delay timer is the opposite of that of the on-delay timer. The diagram shown here is a typical circuit used to control a sewage pump and many other motor control applications.

    When the float switch in rung 1 closes, the TR contact on rung 4 will close immediately, energizing coil M1. The timing cycle begins when the float switch opens.

    This example shows that the TR contact on rung 4 opens 15 seconds after the float switch opens. The symbol used for the TR contact on rung 4 is NOTO, or normally open timed open.

    It is important to note that some off-delay time relays will operate by energizing and de-energizing the coil. This is typical of shock absorbers and pneumatic timers. Others as shown here use trigger switches such as float switches. In this case, the voltage of the coil is constant. The operation of the timed function is controlled by the operation of the trigger. This is a typical electronic timing relay.

    Application of time delay relay

    automatic control

    The time delay facilitates remote control operations.


    Helps delay automatic on/off of electronics


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