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    This is an integrated intelligent temperature control instrument

    It is used in all kinds of high and low voltage switchgear, dry transformer and box substation

    It adopts full digital integrated design, with temperature curve programmable or fixed-point constant temperature control, multiple PID adjustment, output power limit curve programming, manual/automatic switching, soft start, alarm switch output, real-time data query, and computer communication and other functions

    Integrating temperature measurement, adjustment and drive, the meter directly outputs thyristor trigger signal, which can drive various thyristor loads

    Automatic sampling and real-time monitoring of ambient temperature through temperature sensor



    Control type: temperature

    Control mode: mechanical temperature controller

    Measuring object: temperature

    Temperature range :0-400℃

    Temperature measurement error :1.0℃

    Output signal: 5mA

    Operating voltage: 220 (V)

    Consumption: < 3W

    Opening size: 48*48mm/1.8*1.8in

    Weight: Approx.218g/7.7oz


    Package list:
    1 x Temperature Controller


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