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    AH2-Y time relay
    • AH2-Y time relay
    • AH2-Y time relay
    • AH2-Y time relay

    AH2-Y time relay

    Place of Origin:China

    Brand Name:JUZLONE

    Model Number:AH2-Y

    Theory:Time Relay

    Usage:General Purpose, Electric Industry


    Protect Feature:Sealed

    Contact Load:Low Power

    OEM:OEM Service


    Warranty:1 Year

    Product name:time delay relay

    Contact Rating:AC 220 5A

    Brand:OEM ODM

    Good Quality Time Delay Relay AH2-Y Industrial Electric Adjustable Timer 250V 5A 


    Time relay is a very important component in the electrical control system. In many control systems, it is necessary to use the time relay to achieve delay control. Time relay is an automatic control electrical appliance that uses the principle of electromagnetic or mechanical action to delay the closing or breaking of contacts. Its characteristic is that there is a delay from the time the attracting coil gets the signal to the action of the contact.

     Digital Setting Mode:The time setting could be carried out by dial switch or corresponding push-button on product panel,this kind of delay setting value is discrete,but as it is not related to reference variety of time base circuit,so that its corresponding time setting precision is quite high,usually applied in places of single delay setting and higher delay precision.


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    Specification and Technical Datas


    · Used to control time sequence

    · With front / back connecting socket

    · LED display

    · Voltage: AC12-380V 50/60Hz DC12-24V AC12-380V 50/60Hz DC12-24V

    · Operation: On-delay with inst. contact

    Timing Range:  1S, 2S, 3S, 6S, 10S, 12S, 30S, 60S 3M, 6M, 10M, 12M, 30M, 60M 3H, 6H, 12H, 24H  

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